Paar Lift Company

Rayaneh Run Azar Lift Co. was founded in 1991, with the objectives of designing and manufacturing lift control panel systems and it developed its business with the aim of providing all kinds of lift components with the brand of "Paar Sanat Soud". From the first day of establishing this company, we intended to design and manufacture lift board with regard to the latest advanced technology of the world, in which our company has achieved a great success. Paar Control Co. is honored to be one of the leaders and innovators in lift industry in Iran through taking benefit of electronics and computer experts and technicians in designing and technical engineering department of the company. Oaj Run Co. was established in 1991 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing all kinds of panel and lift control button and by joining Paar Sanat Soud Co. in 2011, changed to Paar Button. Products manufactured by this company are equipped with the latest technology of the world, holding 1-year guarantee and after sale services and components providing for an unlimited time. Paar Trading has started business in the field of importing major lift components, including lift gearless motors (EMF, Thyssen, Wittur, Sassi , Blue Light, and PMG), lift rail, automatic door, Travel cable.

Providing express appropriate after-sale services by experienced experts and technicians with 10-year after-sale services, 2-year guarantee and warranty is from among other features of products manufactured by Paar Sanat soud Co. to ensure safety of our customers.

Due to its history and up-to-date technical knowledge, Paar Sanat Soud Company has decided to establish a branch in Canada to grow and develop its business, as well as to participate in international markets.