Gearless Control Panel (Gearless)


Gearless Control Panel (Gearless)

The advantages of using Gearless motors are as follows:
suitable for limited spaces and systems without engine house (removal of engine house and installation of the motor in the well); high efficiency, decrease in motor size; removal of gearbox (which minimize the lift car vibration while its motion); lower current consumption (it saves electric energy consumption up to 75%); using the permanent magnet with super soft motion (in terms of motion it is not in any way comparable with gearbox motors); access to high speed
Gearless control panel features:
Creating a soft motion without vibration, using a variety of VVVF speed control drives
Reducing energy consumption and electricity charges due to utilization of VVVF drives
Ability to be installed for all traction lifts with synchronous motor (Gearless)
Equipped with emergency rescue system
To maintain the position of a lift car during a power outage for lifts with a speed up to 2.5 m / s
Setting up lifts to 32 stops in the ALPHA panels
Setting up independent recall push buttons chassis for each floor as Down Collective (service to down direction), Up Collective, (service to up direction) or in both directions (Up & Down Collective)
Ability to operate in phases I and II of firefighting
Easy to install and replace the electronic boards by using appropriate terminals
Ability to implement Carcodec revision box system
The Motor protection system against overload, improper function of brake, short circuit in the motor coils or car stuck by drive-aid
Phase control protection system at the time of phase displacement or imbalance in phases
Compliance to EN81 standard
Ability to be used for different types of doors
A resistant box with electrostatic paint
Ability to report lift bugs via the Internet
Electronic fuse in 24 watts power line to protect against short circuit
A rechargeable battery to provide lighting inside car during a power outage

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